Work Done So Far In 2010 – 11

Work Done So Far In 2010 - 11

Sahrudaya Health, Medical & Educational Trust Hyderabad

Activities for the year 2010 - 11

Trust focused on public education under the title “know your heart”about prevention of heart diseases to various target groups . These were conducted by Dr A.G.K.Gokhale, Chairman of the Trust.

  1. Health Talk on Prevention of cardiac problems and healthy living at Verizon Data Services India Ltd
    Madapur Hightech city, Hyderabad on 08th April 2010.: Nearly 150 employees and staff of the organization attended this talk and interacted with the speaker.
  2. Health Talk on Healthy Hearts – mason Club members at Goshamahal Hyderabad 6.00 pm on Sept 2010. 75 members othe club with their families attended this session.
  3. Health Talk on Know your Heart to the staff of AVANTEL ON 29TH Oct 2010 by 4.00 to 5.00 pm. Sri Vidyasagar, MD of the Avantel company , is a philanthrophist who always believed in giving back to the society. He sponsored the website of the Sahrudaya Trust. About 50 staff of the Avantel company attended the health talk. Most of these are young people less than 30 years of age.
  4. Healthy Hearts – Know your Heart – Health Talk at Kshatriya club , Greenland Society, kompally, medchel
    Kshatriya community, on 06th Nov 2010. About 75 people belonging to the Kshatriya club attended the session along with their families. They interacted nearly 3 hours and the age group ranged from 20 years to 75 years .
  5. Mega Health camp at Govt High School, Tamirisa, Gudivada Mandal, Krishna Dist, on 23rd Dec 2010 9.00am to 5.00pm
    In association with Lion’s Club, vuyyuru and Lion’s club Gudivada. This village, Tamirisa about 7 kms from Gudivada, Krishna Dt does not have nay medical amneties. Nearly 10 years back it had a health camp. In Association with Lion’s club of Vuyyuru and Gudivada, Sahrudaya trust organized a mega camp at Tamirisa in the premises of Zilla parishad high School. It was inaugurated by the sugar board of Vuyyuru. It included specialists from heart, General Medicine, paediatrics, skin , diabetes and eye specialists. About 850 people were screened and were provided free medicines. Two children were identified for heart surgery. One of them underwent surgery at Global Hospitals with the help of Aarogyasri.
  6. JCI Annual Meet, at Hotel RAMADA, Begumpet, Hyderabad Lecture on Know Your Heart and
    Well Being on 2nd Jan 2011. 8.00 pm to 11.00 pm. Dr A.G.K.Gokhale, Chairman of the trust was invited as Chief guest on the occasion of “Installation Night”. About 250 people including the Jaycess and their families participated in this meeting. This interactive education session was highly appreciated.
  7. Heart Check-up Health Camp in Association with Global Hospital at Gowri Ashram, Bahadurpally, Medchel, Rangareddy Dist. on 16th Jan 2011. 10.00 am to 3.00 pm. This year also, Trust participated in the mega camp conducted by the Diyalibai Gauri Charitable Trust. About 400 villages from in and around Bahadurpally participated in this multispecialty camp. Free drugs were distributed by the Diyalibai Gauri Charitable Trust.
  8. Live beyond 100 years programe at FAPCCI Building, Red Hills Hyderabad on 27th Jan 2011. 5.30 pm
    to 7.30 pm “ Know Your Heart” for long life. The Chairman of FAPCCI, Mr Sekhar Agarwal organized a health symposium on “Living beyond 100 years”. Participants included . Dr A.G.K.Gokhale spoke on how to prevent heart problems by power point presentation. Nearly 100 members attended the session. It was received well by all the participants and the media.
  9. Health Talk on “Know Your Heart” at Indian School of Business Management, Gachi Bowli,
    Hyderabad, on 28th Jan 2011. by 2.30 pm to 3.30 pm. As part of its strategy to educate the present and future leaders and opinion makers, a interactive session was conducted to the students of ISB, Hyderabad to increase their awareness about the heart problems and the ways of preventing heart problems.