Work Done So Far In 2019 – 20

Work Done So Far In 2019 - 20

Sahrudaya Health, Medical and Educational Trustv Hyderabad

Activities for the year of 2019 – 20

  1. Date:- 03.04.2019 : State Bank of India, Guntur Province has donated Paediatric Surgical Instruments to the tune of 10 Lakhs has donated to Sahrudaya Health, Medical and Educational Trust – In a Program held at Govt. General Hospital, Guntur, VIP’s of State Bank of India, The Chairman of trust Dr. A G K Gokhale and Superintendent of Govt General Hospital Dr Raju Naidu and others were participated.
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  2. Date:- 03.04.2019 : Sahrudaya Health, Medical and Educational Trust has donated Paediatric Surgical Instruments worth of 10 Lakhs to the Department of Paediatric surgery, Govt. General hospital, Guntur. Porf & HOD of Paediatric Surgery, Supt of Govt. General Hospital Dr Raju Naidu and the Chairman of Trust Dr AGK Gokhale and of doctors and staff of the hospital were participated.
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  3. Date: 03.04.2019 : Sahrudaya Health, Medical and Educational Trust has conducted a press conference in a Hotel at Arandalpet, Guntur. The Chairman of trust Dr. A.G.K. Gokhale has stated that, The Trust Activities at Open Heart Surgery Program, under PPP Scheme with Govt. of A.P. at Govt. General Hospital, Guntur has been closed by
    31st March 2019. During the period of from 18th March 2015 to 31st March, 2019, the trust has conducted 568 Open Heart surgeries including 70 Child heart surgeries and 4 Heart Transplant surgeries. In the press meet along with Dr. AGK Gokhale,
    Dr K V Ramana, Dr K Sudhakar and others are participated.
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  4. Date: 03.04.2019 : Farewell party has been organized by Sahrudaya Health, Medical and Educational Trust at Open Heart Surgery Department at Govt. General Hospital Guntur. Dr AGK Gokhale, The Chairman of the Trust was felicitated by Supt of Govt. General Hospital and other staff in the program.
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  5. Date:09.04.2019: Master Satish Kumar, who underwent Heart transplantation surgery, Sahrudaya Trust supported him by donating Immune Suppressive medicines worth of 31,210/- for this year.
  6. Date : 04.05.2019: Miss. Sri Latha D/o D.Venkateashwer Rao RMP Doctor, requested Sahrudaya trust for financial help for the tuition fee/Hostel Fee & for Books for
    B Tech studies of his doughter. Sahrudaya Trust extended financial support
    Rs. 28,500/- for that.
  7. Date: 18.06.2019 : Mr. K. Sarat Chander Reddy S/o Mr. Hari Mohan Reddy was
    Faced sports injury and underwent Orthopaedic Implant surgery at M/s Sai Institute of sports Injury and Arthroscopy, Hyderabad. Sahrudaya trust donated Rs. 3,00,000/- as financial support for the surgery and treatment of Mr. Sarat Chader Reddy.
  8. Date:- 19-06.2019 : Zilla Parishat High School, Tamirisa, Gundivada Mandal, Krishna Dist. Has renovated and Inaugural function has been organized at Open Air Auditorium in the school premises. Minister of Civil Supplies of Govt of AP, Sri Kodali Venkateshwer Rao garu, ZP Chairperson, Vijayawada, Vice-president and General manager of IOCL Group, The chairman of the trust Dr. A G K Gokhale, Dr. Venkata Lakshmi garu from Rainbow Children Hospital, other VIP’s of the province, School staff and students were present.
  9. Date: 11.06.2019: Mr. G. Krishna- Visakhapatnam, Who underwent Heart Transplantation surgery. Sahrudaya Trust donated post surgical Immune suppressive medication worth of Rs. 12,690/-
  10. Date: 2906.2019:- Mr. J. Nuton, underwent CABG Surgery. Sahrudaya trust given financial support to the tune of Rs.50,000/-
  11. Date: 20.09.2019: Mr. Naveen Kumar, who underwent Heart Transplantation surgery, due to irregular Immune Suppressive medication again hospitalized. Sahrudaya trust supported financially for the treatment to the tune of Rs. 1,00,000/-
  12. Date: 08.07.2019: Mr. Gopi Krishna, underwent Lung Transplantation surgery. Sahrudaya trust supported by giving Immune suppressive medication for the year to the tune of Rs. 1,62,511/-.
  13. Date: 08.07.2019 : Mr. Edukondalu, Mr. Suresh Babu & Mr. Hari babu, these three patients underwent Heart Transplantation surgery at Govt. General hospital Guntur by Dr. AGK Gokhale. Sahrudaya trust providing Immune Suppressive medication thorough out the year worth of Rs. 1,27,567/- for these three people.
  14. Date 29.10.2019: Mr. KD Chakravarthy, 32 yrs Male reported difficulty in breathing and chest discomfort. On evaluation found Heart & Lung both organs are required to go for transplantation surgery. Sahrudaya trust extended Rs. 10,00,000/- ( Ten Lakhs only) financial support for double organ transplantation surgery.
  15. Date: 23.012.2019: Mr. Edukondalu, Heart Transplant patient requested for the school fee for his children Master. Raju/Master. Teja/Master. Venkatesh.
    Sahrudaya Trust paid Rs. 54,000/- M/s Vidya Vihar High School, Guntur for these child tuition fees for the year 2019-20.
  16. Date: 25.12.2019: Mr. P. Venkateshwer Rao, poor patient hospitalized due to illness.
    Sahrudaya Trust given financial support, paid Rs. 35,000/- towards hospital treatment.